Hey there, guys, this is Shen's General here. You guys are probably wondering what this is all about, well, recently, I bought the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, The Gates of Infinity, and as I played through it, I had noticed many pairings in this story that were possible. And given how I wanted to do more lemons, I had decided to pursue them. So, all in all, this will be a short lemon compilations featured in the world of PMD: The Gates of Infinity, starring the many supporting characters in the games and my two heroes, Altair, the Axew, and Sora, the Snivy.

So, I hope you two will be able to kick back and enjoy these lemons. NOTE: I know that in the game, the partner is a male, but for my sake, let's just say that Sora is a female, that's what I do. He watched her slumbering figure rise and fall as she rested on her bed, unable to sleep himself for he was too mesmerized by her beauty Umbreon let out a sigh. It was only a day ago that he had found himself in Post Town, trying to escape the Purugly and the Toxicroak that were after their Entercards, seperated by Espeon in the process a few day backs, and a few hours ago that he told Altair and Sora, the two members of the town's rescue commitee, Supremacy That's the team name in my gameabout the Entercards and The Magnagate, and that she was in danger in the Crags of Lament.

The hours that followed were like a living hell for him, as he was unable to do anything as he was deeply injuredunsure if the two heroes and their pals Roark and Azrael those are my Bagon and Litwickwould be able to save her. But fortunately, that did not happen, as soon enough, the four returned triumphant with the Sun Pokemon, and after learning how she hid her Entercards with the young Swadloon who was in the Inflora Forest the other day.

Although she felt bad in endangering the young lad's life, she wasn't hurt, and Umbreon was thankful for that. Now, here they were, resting in Swanna's Inn after the hell of a day they had The first thought was the fact that those two ruffians were hell-bent on getting those Entercards from them, but why would had wanted them? He could easily tell that the two weren't the intelligent type, and the fact that the cards that they were after weren't that valuable, at least in the monetary sense.

espeon lemon

What would they had to gain? Were they working for someone? He guess he will never know now. The second thing on his mind was what to do now.

He certainly didn't want a repeat of what happen with those two, but what could they do? They wouldn't be able to continue their research if they just stayed in town, and that would certainly go against their positions as dungeon researchers.

Then, he thought about the Axew and Snivy that risked their lives to save his partner He looked to his partner once more and sighed once more Ever since the mystery dungeons began to appearing, they had been partners the longest time, researching everything about them, seeing what made them tick, and how they could use them to their advantages and possibly put a end to all the troubles that they caused over the years.

At first, their relationship was strictly professional, focusing on the task at hand But as the years went by, Umbreon began to feel something It first started with the blushing and shyness he felt when he was near her, his heart always soaring whenever he heard her laugh, see her smile, or staring into their beautiful azure eyes It wasn't till now that he realized something He loved her.

It did not take years of studies to realize that. When he and Espeon were separated, he felt like he was in a nightmare in which he could not wake up from.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Onward 2. Out of the Woods. See the end of the work for more notes. See the end of the chapter for more notes. I woke up to a light prodding in my side and on my head so I pealed my eyes slightly to see what was going on. Since the sunlight from above was blinding me, I could not distinguish the shadows that were above my face. My head felt dizzy and clouded, making it was hard to focus on what the voices of the shadows were saying.

I knew they were having a conversation about me because I could recognize my name being said multiple times. I was too weak to move at the moment, so I sat there and tried to understand what the two Pokemon were saying. Her head seems a bit bruised.

I'd say a minor cuncussion with a little memory loss. I know a few berries that can help her out. She's strong so just give her the few berries you said that could help," another voice spoke but this one was a strong female. I guessed she was probably their leader. Umbreon can't take her weight anymore.

At first, there was silence but then I heard her scurry off into the undergrowth of the forest and the other walk to the other side of the clearing. I tried lifting my head and- Ow! My head pounded against my skull.

Geeze what happen? I struggled to sit up feeling that my body was weak but I manged to hold a sitting position. I lifted my head again only to find a purple face with big dark-purple eyes staring at me, inches away from my own face. I jumped back surprised that I didn't hear sneak up at all. I looked at up and down, seeing that she had big ears, fluffy purple fur at the side of her face and a red crystal-like thing in the center of her head.

She was quite lean and stood with lightly on each of her tiny feet. Her tail was flicking behind her back and forth.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! With the help of their new found friend Yuu, they all set out on an adventure around this mysterious region looking for clues to help them return home, regain their bending again, and find out why they had been brought to this place to begin with. Four billion five hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-two years into the future, at high noon, when the flowers are in bloom, the Chosen One will be born.

Pokémon Clay Art: Espeon Psychic-type Pokémon!

Wielding a power unlike no other, the Chosen One will bathe the world in a brilliant light, casting out the darkness and calming the fierce, for the Chosen One will be the Bridge, a being born between a Human and a Pokemon. A powerful Team, thought to be banished, festering in the shadows. An outcast, banished for their mercy. A Legendary, out for vengeance against those who did it wrong.

And the Son of a Champion, just starting out on his journey across Kanto, thrust headfirst into the fray. Swords will clash, bullets will fly, and moves of all types are going to be used as Relyks Evolution struggles against all odds to save his friends and teammates from the clutches of evil!

This is both my first fic, and a side story to my main one. Try to bear my inexperienced writing as you read through the story of Relyks Evolution! Jack is a sixteen year old boy getting started on his Pokemon Journey. Things quickly go awry and there will be love, pain, and general weirdness before he becomes champion, if that's even what he wants out of life.

If you wanna request something, go right ahead! I'm always open to suggestions! Whitney received fighting types on loan from other leaders in Johto so that she and her gym trainers could learn to cope with normal types' weakness to fighting, but the all-girl squad soon find themselves more interested in another way that the fighting types are big and strong. Anonymous commission. Alicia crashes her bike on the route between her friend's house and her own.

Pitched over the fence, she rolls down the hill and bounces into the trees. When no one comes to find her, she tells herself that her friend will come find her. She's just got to last one night in the woods. Just one night trapped alone in the deep forest. After sustaining a serious injury leaving him unable to settle his debts, a young man ventures on a journey through the rustic countryside, picturesque villages, and treacherous mountains of the Rocaire Region.

Following a twist of fate, his nurse winds up accompanying him on his trek. However, is the crossing of their paths guided by destiny or something more? Set in a alternate universe of the Pokemon mystery dungeon series, a human becomes stumped when he find out he's a Phantump, and becomes stumpless when he forms a team with a cute Kirlia. Possession, psychic abilities and plenty more! What's not to love as a ghost? Every trainer is excited to have the chance to become the first world champion, especially Bec a beautiful young trainer from New Bark Town located in the Johto Region.

It may seem like a fun adventure, but this world has darkness hiding around every corner and lust within every crevice. How will she handle the hurtles that are sure to come…? It's Hilda's birthday and she decides to treat herself with the gift that none of her friends or family could possibly give to her: getting knotted in her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Fanbox supporters got to read this, as well as all other Kinktober stories, a week in advance. Come along for the ride as he meets new friends, exciting challenges, vile enemies and more! Along the way, he discovers, to his horror, that Nothing is as simple as he had been led to believe The World Might consider Cipher broken A hopeless loser wakes up in the world of his favorite video game series, but his childhood dreams are dashed when he discovers he's a Hypno now.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! A collection of short fics based on the Kinktober prompts, some of which will not contain kinks. Not done in order. After a moment of desperate passion between brothers, Vergil falls into the hands of their father's greatest enemy.

With his very mind and soul stolen by Mundus, Vergil knows nothing but the want to fulfill his Master's every desire. And to protect their precious son, Nero. After tearing down a pack of Beowulfs in Patch, Ruby makes an amazing discovery. She finds three skimpily clad; well-endowed Elves from another world unconscious in the woods. Once these Elves awaken, they are revealed to have lost there memory, with no where to go, and are extremely horny for some thick cocks.

Hongjoong has been content flying the skies, wandering space with no real destination, taking odd jobs to pay his way. But recently he's developed a renewed vigor to find the lost treasure his father and mother had told him stories about as a child. He may pick up a few stragglers on the way. Each chapter will have its own warnings in the author's notes. The title for each chapter has the character Leon is paired with, a C for consensual or an NC for non-consensual, and the kink prompt.

Short smutty bursts of about words each from a variety of fandoms. See chapter titles for characters and kinks. Feel free to suggest prompts of your own, if I like them there's a good chance I'll write them. My first attempt at Kinktober!! Fandom: Undertale List used: Kinktober List for My first attempt at Kinktober! I'm going to do my best to finish them all on time, but even if I don't manage, I will just post any I didn't manage to get out on time afterwards xD.

Seriously though, I can't believe I made it through this year to do this again! Now that I'm a little more organized, I can tell you that this is going to be a collection of hot garbage smut involving only Reader-insertXCannon pairings. If that's your cup of tea, jump on in.

A quick warning, as I forgot to mention, there's gonna be some dark smut fics this year. I'll mark them out at the beginning, so please, pay attention to the tags and the author's notes. Sometimes you and your friends make up a really really dumb porny AU and you write thousands of words of PWP in that AU that are motivated solely by id and horniness and you kind of have enough shame to not post them, and then you look at the rest of the content in this fandom and the actual contents of this fandom and decide 'yeah you know what, screw it'.

After recovering from fighting the Hulk in the arena on Sakaar, of 'course' Dante decides he wants to fuck him Or, more accurately; 'Get' fucked by him. Nero joins in for some spit roastingWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Original Espeon x Ninetails 2. Version 2 of Espeon x Ninetales 3. Espeon X Ninetales Part 2 4. N X Black Yaoi 5. Cobalion M X Virizion F 6. Machoke M X Nurse Joy 8. Black M x White F Infernape M x Gallade M Yaoi Luxray M x Ninetales F Luxray M x Espeon F.

All these lemons are requests that are written to my fullest and dirtiest imagination.

espeon lemon

Always completed. If you request drop a comment, the more the merrier. She was pretty, smart, strong, had a great trainer.

However she was very shy and when she came into unknown situations she would pretty much run away. Walking around town, after coming home after a long and exhausting training trip, her trainer was asleep. Espeon wanted to walk around and see what she could do, that day.

She was planning to test out her new skills and laze around. Walking to the forest near the lake clearing, she heard a rustle, and saw a streak of grey and a small blue. Ignoring it, thinking that she was probably tired, she walked on until she was on the bank, with the lake just below her.

Picking a patch where the sun was blazing on, she curled up and soaking up the vitamin D and rested her head down on her legs and slept. The bushes rustled in the silence, and a grey Ninetales came out. What should have been white was a beautiful sliver which shone in the sun, thus the icy blue was accented even more.We had no concerns during the entire trip and all the transfer shuttles arrived on time.

We couldn't have asked more a better experience. The information provided was most helpful and our vacation was the best one we've ever had. I know your company only works in the nordic countries, but we hope you know of similar companies in other areas of Europe you could recommend to us.

We loved the flexibility allowed us while you arranged the lodging and transportation. It was truly our best vacation EVER. I have already recommended Nordic Visitor to several friends. Everything worked perfectly, from trains to boats to accommodations. It was a perfect way to travel and see the country, and Bjarni was prompt and helpful throughout all communications. This was a wonderful experience and we have only only good things to say about our tour. I had a million questions throughout the planning stage, and he patiently and graciously answered them all, sometimes more than once.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. We were sad to leave such a wonderful place (and we really love our homes. Booking our honeymoon through Nordic Visitor was an excellent experience which led to the best trip my husband and I have ever taken. The staff were professional, the scenery was beautiful, and the tours were amazing. We were continually surprised with how smoothly the trip went and were always prepared with enough information to feel confident about our ability to travel within Iceland.

I cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Nordic Visitor. Not only will my husband and I be returning customers, but I have already recommended Nordic Visitor to several people and we have only been home for about a week.

We cannot wait to travel with them again. Overall, our experience with Nordic Visitor was fantastic. Our travel consultant was very helpful and always there to answer any questions we might have. Everything was planned perfectly, I would not change a thing.

espeon lemon

My wife and I had the time of our lives on our trip through Nordic Visitor. Everyone we talk to about our trip, we find a way to work in your company to the conversation and recommend you to them. Klara was AMAZING leading up to our trip, and we really wish we had the chance to come by the office to chat and personally thank you for such a great trip.

We will be back again, and will most definitely be traveling with Nordic Visitor.

We are very happy with the service Nordic Visitor (and Hanna specifically) provided. We would never have had the time to plan everything so well in advance, and it made the trip very easy and enjoyable. Sindre is great to work with. We had done some research and were having a bit to trouble understanding fully how to go about booking a brewery tour or what flexibility we might have. He helped us navigate through to booking this.

To be completely honest that tour was why we chose Svalbard so helping to confirm that made our trip a huge success. That little bit of extra service is hugely appreciated and does not go unnoticed. The overall trip was very enjoyable. Everything exceeded our expectations Keep up the good work. Probably the best vacation we have had and we have traveled to many countries.All Rights ReservedPowered by WordPress. All Rights Reserved Powered by WordPress.

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