This guide is based on my own experience leveling several different classes through different locations to 50 and tips from other players on the best and quickest leveling spots to maximize coin while doing it. I have done it as a Necromancer so you might have to change your strategy or duo some of these places according to your class.

Note this is not the fastest way to level guide, although it is pretty quick if the spots you need are not being heavily camped. Doesn't really matter. Just hit level I know lots of people go to East Commonlands to get buffs at the tunnel and then just kill whatever they find running around. I tried this method but found it slower than simply soloing without any buffs in Steamfont Mountains since there was literally 0 competition for any mobs compared to the 20 other low levels doing the same thing as me in East Commons.

Nybright Sister camp in Lesser Faydark. Located next to the entrance to Mistmoore. The weapons vendor for almost as much as fine steel does. If this camp is taken there is another bandit camp up north, but with 3 spawns who are warrior mobs so they take longer to kill. There is a vendor right there in the zone as well if you are a good race, if not, I suggest binding yourself at the merchants in Steamfont and run back and hope no one has taken the camp.

I made over 2k plat doing here and was able to purchase a full set of Necro gear along with all my spells. Crag spiders in Eastern Karana right by the long winding entrance back into Highpass Hold. If you happen to be a necro, Tol Nicelot in the Erudin library is an excellent solo camp for levels You will want to use fear and kill him as soon as possible because he uses LoH, but he is worth a nice chunk of experience, has a five minute spawn, and averages over five platinum per drop.

Edit : As a necro soloing Tol Nicelot, you'll want to pull him downstairs trough the teleporter as if you were exiting the city, and kill him there to avoid getting killed by the Paladin guild master that will agro if he path nears her, as well as the enchanter GM at the INN during the night.

I've died a couple times to these two until i wisened up to this strategy! Good hunting fellow necros, and stay EVIL!!! S: Made all the way to 26 on Tol Nicelot until exp slowed down. Sister Hut in Ocean of Tears.

Two mobs spawn in this hut, 6 min timer. Easy to break. The longswords sell for 11pp each. If this spot is camped, you can do the other sisters on the island as well as the dwarfs, however the coin is not close to these 2 sisters in the hut. Edit This camp is far harder than a 24 can do unless you are twinked or a bard class. Tried duoing this with a 25 enchanter and 24 necro and we could both barely kill one of them, they have very high resists.

Edit This camp was pretty easy with the right duo; 24 enchanter and 24 druid. The resists are high, but not too bad if you use tash.Fully AFK means you can walk away and not worry about your characters, partially means that you may have to be present in case something bad happens or to provide buffs but the mercs will do fine leveling on their own. Qualifying areas will have fast respawn times or be an area where you are always fighting at least one enemy with minimal downtime but not so many that you have a high chance of dying.

You need a tank, healer, and a melee dps.

everquest platinum farming

Do not take caster dps because they will run out of mana easily. I used Journeyman Rank 1 Mercenaries which require a gold subscription.

When I want to max how many spawns I aggro I use a triangular formation with each character at the edge of casting range apart in a triangle. Pay attention to how far spread out your characters are. As you get higher level the camps and enemies will get harder to kill and have an easier time killing you.

Breaking in the camp means slowly killing the enemies as if the Mercenaries were the only ones killing. The idea is to make sure that you live on the next respawns when you walk away. If you go into some of these camps, blast down all the mobs, and go afk they will all respawn at the same time leaving your mercs to fight all of them at once instead of one at a time. At level 65 you will want to consider getting your Journeyman 2 upgrade for your mercenary and J5 at level You most likely will have a hard time at level 65 doing this but getting your higher tier mercenaries helps a lot.

At these levels if your Mercenary loses confidence on either the tank or healer side, the mobs hit hard enough where they will wipe you almost every time. This step goes a lot faster if you pull to the hill for your Mercs or roam and kill everything in the area. I had a really hard time finding a good camp for these levels but I did find some that will work.

The camp that you want is in the Basement referred to as the Torture Room.

PoP Everquest Farming Locations

To get into the basement find the room with the bookshelf on the first floor that you can click. When you click it, it opens up and leads you into the basement.

There is another secret passage down here but the room I want to focus on has 8 mobs that you can afk exp on. To hit all of the respawns park one character in the middle, one up top where the left mob spawns and the other on the far right up top where the other mob spawns in the cubby. Put your healer merc in the middle. The next spot is to the Lake of Ill Omen.

everquest platinum farming

If the courtyard is too easy then you want to go up the stairs and inside the castle, find a spot to position all three of your characters so they are in range of each other but you hit the most spawns. The Shrooms seem to have a fast respawn time and they also release mini pores that die fast and you get a bit of experience for. Just passed the cave are a bunch of sporali in the field, you can probably see at least 5 out there. Find a good spot to space out your characters in that field so you hit all of them.

The respawns are pretty quick and some of them spawn bonus sporelings for extra exp. This is a camp near the Stone Hive. When you arrive here at level 28 you want to stay near the path and only try to afk on one camp, but as you grow stronger you can place each one of your characters in a camp for some decent afk experience.

Theoretically you can take this camp to 40 if you leave it afk too long you probably will but some things might turn green. Otherwise everything is almost always light blue at level The skeletons here are on about a minute respawn timer, making them one of the fastest respawns in the game. The idea behind this camp is to be King of the Hill. There is a hill immediately to your left when you zone in from Dawnshroud peaks.

Theoretically you could take this spot to 55 but at level 52 you probably want to get moving to another spot. The Crypt of Nadox is a superior zone to level in from There are plenty of mobs but somewhat far spaced out so the max we can get with 3 characters on AFK is maybe You can expect levels every 8 hours, the time to go from is between days.Plat farming guide.

If someone can give me a forum link to one that's on here that i've obviously missed that would be great! Thank you in advance, Confused Shaman in distress Munhk.

Roll a Druid get to 45 join DaP. OR Read the wikki. With no information from you its hard to give you any kind of guide. Find all posts by maximum. People will not share their plat camps. In the end I found the best ones for me through trial and error in the field. What I did was go to various locations I thought were promising or went out looking for camps. Started a timer for 30 minutes and kept track of all my net gains during that time.

If it looked promising I did it again for an hour. Then I could establish a rough plat per hour rate. There are a ton of camps you can make plat per hour. Anything above is where it starts to slim.

I even look at it the same for item camps. If you're camping an item worth say 3k plat and it takes you 4 hours to get it. I would consider that play per hour. Then that's plat per hour. It also depends on your class and your capabilities as a player. Certain classes and players can do some insane high level content solo. Others are happy just getting by.

Edit: I see you're a shaman. Your Number ONE goal should be getting to level 60 and trying to obtain torpor. Then you can farm plat. Last edited by Baler; at PM. All depends on what level you are and if you rather farm straight vendor plat loot or dont mind tunnelwanking for cash [ You must be logged in to view images.Log in or Sign up. EverQuest Forums. Where to farm some plat?

Where to farm some plat?

OK I need a few k in order to level. Seems the only way to level up after like 70 is either buy a Swarm from a SK or take so long to get caught up the level cap will raise 3 more times. Are places like The Hole and Sebilis still good ways to farm some plat just from selling vendor fodder?

Lilly33Aug 13, DexarAug 13, Raptorjesus5 likes this. Plat is so abundant it is absurd, especially compared to the original EQ. But if I need to make some, I just go to Dulaks Harbor for an hour or two.

ToquillawAug 14, At 70 Sebilis is a decent place to farm pp, though I would recommend Temple of Droga, as the mobs top out at 60 so you could make pp and gain XP at the same time. Level 70 is a sort of cut off for leveling as there were a number of expansions that were 70 max and then a jump to 75 and the mobs are harder to take down and hit for more DPS.

Elegant visible armor is probably available in bazaar at a decent price, anything too pricey leave.

everquest platinum farming

The days of taking on several yellows with a merc tank are over, now you have to get dark blues or light blues in quantity to level. I have said it before "no one has ever won EQ" so if you are having fun mostly have some friends and a decent guild pick up some pointers then is good. About getting to the level cap, yes it is nice, then there is grinding out lots of AA, and deciding what to do once you are at the top of the mountain, because the journey doesn't end.

Some may have the goals, max level, high AA count, best raid armor- then do something else until next expansion - but, I don't see that as rewarding, I prefer assisting others on the journey, as a mountain peak isn't as friendly as a flat top. SebbinaAug 14, Need more information, but as a start I would highly suggest doing The Hole at level You will get oodles of exp that you can put into AAs while you farm a decent amount of plat. You may not be getting as much plat as killing greys, but the AAs you will be able to farm will serve you far better as you level up.

Raptorjesus5Aug 14, I managed to hit 71 soloing last night. Id just like to be able to afford an hour of swarming in somewhere like Grounds so I can get caught up to everyone else.I've used your site for years and love how professional you are. I have only had one issue in years and you guys were awesome to correct it on the spot.

Thanks so much! Love this site! I don't ever have to wait more than 5 mins for my purchase! Due to the fluctuating nature of the game economy, prices are subject to change at any time. All Registered Names, Copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Read More. Submit Testimonial.

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everquest platinum farming

Most of them in the northwest corner in the Midday Market. These pages are worth anything from 5g. The Ruins of Varsoon is a dungeon located of the Thundering Steppes. And in the far end of the dungeon is a very good spot for making some extra plat, we will be farming 3 rooms close to each other.

For this Plat Making Guide you should be a few levels above level 80 in order to have everything in Castle Mistmoore and Mistmoore Catacombs greyed out. Once you are good to go, head to the Loping Plain and Castle.

The Wailing Caves is a low level dungeon in the commonlands, mobs here are around level so you can mentor down pretty early and dominate this place, making it a good place to make plat from early on.

The Obelisk of Akzul is a group instance from the Shadow Odyssey era. In this guide i will show you how to make a lot of platinum by going to the Shard of Hate. To get to the Shard of Hate, head to Neriak and go through the portal there to the Shard.

Nu'roga is an level 80 instance in the Fens of Nathsar. To get to Nu'roga, head to the goblin. Chelsith is a level 80 zone of Jarsath Wastes. The entrance looks like a big shell, follow the bubbles in the water and they will lead you there. The AA XP here. The Dungeon Maker in EQ2 allows players to make custom dungeons that other players can adventure in.

You don't play as yourself however, you choose a avatar that you play as orcs, goblins, gnolls and all kinds of monsters. Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Platinum Guides. February 9, February 8, February 7, Wailing Caves Plat Farming Guide The Wailing Caves is a low level dungeon in the commonlands, mobs here are around level so you can mentor down pretty early and dominate this place, making it a good place to make plat from early on.

February 6, February 5, January 17, January 16, June 21, Discussion in ' The Newbie Zone ' started by hawk73Feb 2, Log in or Sign up. EverQuest Forums. Where to farm plat. Like the title says. I'm a 79 ranger and wanting to know where is a good place to farm plat for spells and the like. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Platinum EverQuest Powerleveling

KermittheFroglokFeb 3, I would try either of the camps in plane of fire. Once you are in the first castle area or go deeper in to tables. You get a lot of diamond drops and other vender trash. I am not sure on other servers but on xegony, I pay pp currently per powder. Also the research sheets themselves might sell in bazaar if you got a gold account but I am not sure about that.

Another bonus is the mobs are headshotable so a ranger can do well there for farming.

Just don't get charmed on the way to tables lol. MadmaxFeb 3, Gundolin likes this. If you just want plat now via vendor trash pretty much any zone 20ish levels under you with a high density of mobs is your best option. If you want higher returns for your time pick places that have a chance to drop some of the rare tradeskill materials needed for artisan's prize progression. Some of these items can fetch tens of thousands and even over a hundred k plat to the right buyer.

You can still farm all of the other mobs in the area to get the normal vendor trash while also chasing that "rare" for a big payday.

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