To Port or Not To Port – Advantages & Disadvantages

It was just before my partner's birthday a few weeks ago when I found myself contemplating not what to get him, but how I was going to purchase it. In the midst of feeling stressed about job opportunities, I wondered, should I ask him for money to buy his own gift?

Or do I use my credit card, pulling from my personal funds which are measly in comparison? After 20 years studying and working as a strategic activist, providing a human rights lens to programs and policies on the West Coast, I'm now a mother to a month-old son and this is my new reality: a relentless pursuit of freelance projects, most of which pay very little, if anything at all, and a new, complete dependance on my partner, whose income currently covers the three of us.

Since giving birth, my drive for a meaningful career hasn't wavered, leaving me consumed with caring for a child as well as the desire to contribute financially to my new family. Meanwhile, my friends frequently remind me that I don't actually need to work right now. Embrace being a momthey all press. He makes enough for all of youone friend will add. Why are you still hustling when you don't need to anymore?

Their reasoning? My son needs my undivided attention at home, and I don't "need" to work. Suddenly, my ambition to expand my career and utilize my education and skills, to make my own money and be a strong partner, is seen as a selfish pursuit or an unnecessary current stress on my new baby and our home life.

Should Moms Work or Stay At Home?

Why, when the general rhetoric for working moms is about 'Leaning In'—and when decades of research supports that a mother's own happiness is the key to raising psychologically healthy kids—are mothers still being told our aspirations are extraneous and expendable? A recent study from Harvard University, which looked at 10, students from 33 middle and high schools, concluded that parents who are strong role models, providing opportunities that develop the capacity to empathize with others, were more likely to raise caring, respectful and ethical children.

But these days, in polite conversation, people have stopped asking me what I do once they realize I have a baby.

Yes, motherhood is a job in its own right, but rather than dilute my own ambitions outside of childrearing, having a baby actually gave me an even greater conviction to actively contribute to the things I care about; and to model this for my son. There were moments when I questioned this desire to work, like when I would complain of exhaustion to unsympathetic friends; hyperaware of my privilege and choice.

How Much Is a Mother Really Worth?

I wondered how other moms would respond to being questioned about continuing their work, even if that work is not what puts food on the table. Vallejo defines "work" as a career path, rather than a job, where making an impact on a global and local level, along with the excitement of networking, is a high priority.

She strives to devote her time and energy to affecting positive change, and describes her current position—working in higher education management, building relationships with students and traveling internationally—as her dream job; even though that often means leaving her daughter, Rubi. Sometimes she dreads these trips. The idea of a mother "needing to work" often connotes financial necessity, but so many of us fall outside that limited notion. For many modern moms, needing to work is about creating and contributing to something greater than our own household, driven by our value systems and financial goals.

For Natasha Marin, a Seattle-based digital engagement specialist and conceptual artist, her commitment to creating projects that matter has only intensified as a mother. Florida Senator Lauren Bookwho is pregnant with twins, also runs Lauren's Kidsa non-profit organization she founded inwhich aims to prevent sexual abuse and support survivors. Her partner's salary fully covers the quality of life they want for their family, but Book will continue to work after she gives birth.

Thanks to her lobbyist father Ron Book, she grew up on the Senate floor watching women like Deborah Wasserman Schultz make change, instilling in her the drive to always strive for more. Some women I reached out to chose not to be transparent about their financial situations, a strategic move in a society that undervalues work driven by needs outside of taking home capital.

Any passive income source an inheritance, a partner's personal wealth, or even carefully cultivated savings from a woman's own success can be seen as a reason for mothers to minimize their ambition and dedication, and instead stay at home.

As a mother, working if you "don't have to" is seen as a selfish pursuit of wanting it all, where having others care for your child is harder to justify.I think housewives should be paid for their work. They deserve utmost care, respect, love and importance for the work they do. Just because a woman is a housewife, I have seen the society looking down upon her.

This has to change. It is a sacrifice that a woman has to do for the sake of her family at some point in her life. There is no amount of money that can compensate for it. Her compensation should be in the form of equal say when dealing with financial and domestic decisions.

If that person were to be paid, then by whom? Would the working spouse have to earn more to cover it? They can both go to work and pay a third party. From Mr Ray Macek. No one can pay or compensate the work of a housewife. But I think in terms of saving and utilising money on personal expenses, housewives should be paid because at the end of day she will ultimately use it for the well being of her children, home or husband. Also it will save her from asking her husband every time she wants to spend money on something personal.

The nature of jobs allotted to men and women is different, just as their physiology is. Women surely need to know their rights and duties. So there is no question of compensation. What the husband spends on his family and wife is his duty but what the woman spends is help from her side.

I agree with Saba Ansari. As a home-schooling mother to a special needs child, wife and manager of my home, I feel that although I was created with the endurance, patience and strength to fulfil all the invaluable and precious roles that housewives play, I should be shown the appropriate appreciation.

Whether it be by small financial gifts each month so I can buy the personal things I like, or even a bunch of flowers, this is to the discretion of the wife, provided it is reasonable. Housewives play the biggest, most valuable role in the home, in families, communities and society as a whole and deserve the esteem that the Almighty has given us as mothers and wives.

What kind of a question is this? This is what Nature has made women for and anything that is not natural creates an imbalance in society.

mother, should i work in a port?

I disagree with Bushra Wajid.If you've ever opened a PC case and stared inside, or looked at a bare motherboard, you may be taken aback by the number and variety of connectors, pins, and slots that exist on a modern PC motherboard.

In this guide I'll identify some of the most common and a few uncommon connectors on motherboards used in most home PCs. I won't cover server- or workstation-class boards here, just what you might find in a typical midrange or high-end home PC.

Since no single motherboard contains every type of connectors, I've used photos of four different boards to illustrate key examples. In one or two instances, there is some overlap; but for the most part, connectors are mentioned only once. Many of them may exist across different motherboard designs, however. This motherboard has a few connectors that aren't included on current-generation boards, as wll as some that do are still included, but are more readily visible here.

Audio front panel: This ten-pin connector links to the front-panel headphone and microphone inputs. The particular connector shown is an AC97 connector, which existed prior to multichannel HD audio. It's still in common use today. Azalia digital audio header: You rarely find this connector, used to tie the motherboard to multichannel digital outputs on the case, on current motherboards. Serial-port header: This connector isn't physically present on the board shown--you can just see the solder points for it.

But this header does appear on a few modern boards. It supports a nine-pin, RS serial port, usually as a bracket that occupies a slot space on the back of the case. A number of RS connections remain in use today, mostly in point-of-sale devices or specialized test instruments. Consumer boards typically don't have them. Some professional audio hardware still uses FireWire, though; you may also occasionally find higher-speed IEEE b headers, but they are even rarer. USB 2. SATA connectors: These components connect via cables to various storage devices, including hard-disk drives, solid-state drives, and optical drives.

In addition, until a couple of years ago, many optical drives supported IDE.


Today, all new storage devices ship with SATA.I have a laptop with a hdmi port I have read elsewhere that I need to 'enable' it in order for it to be used How do I do this?

Hello my vga and hdmi cable dual use 1st bios use vga cable And 2nd to hdmi cable How to fix hdmi full system. Answer 6 years ago. I did end up getting my HDMI port working. It turned out that it was my HDMI cable that didn't work. There was nothing wrong with the computer. Frollard's answer is accurate and should be all that you need. If those suggestions still don't fire that second monitor up, then there are these tips too Some laptops still use the Function key in combination with an F key.

Lastly, and this is very unlikely, that you have to enable the port in the BIOS settings. I would think the default out of the box setting would have the port enabled if it is even in the BIOS setup at all, but as a last resort you can look there.

mother, should i work in a port?

Getting into the BIOS setup screen is different for all computers, but you do so at initial boot, before Windows starts to load. Some PCs use the delete button, F1 key, F2 key, etc. There's no mouse in the setup screens, you navigate with the keyboard only and don't change anything else in the BIOS setup at all unless you are absolutely sure you know what you're doing!

Answer 9 years ago. My computer does not seem to recognize that there is even a hdmi port on my computer. It will automatically extend my desktop to a projector via vga but I cant see any setting regarding hdmi. I have looked through it and cant see anything. Could there be a problem with the driver?

There shouldn't be since the computer is only a couple of months old and I would not have uninstalled it. I'm using windows 7 home premium if that helps. Thanks for your advice, anymore would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, Device Manager in Windows is not going to show the HDMI port as a separate device because it is merely part of the display adapter. The fact that your display is working at proper color and resolution means it's very unlikely to be a driver problem, especially if it's a newish computer. If the monitor plugged into the HDMI port is turned on and is using the cable supplied by the manufacturer, it should find it and allow you to mirror your desktop or use it as a dual display setup.

Another way is what Frollard explained, if you right click on you desktop, there will be a menu item called Properties or in some cases, a link to a Control Panel for the display adapter, example Nvidia Control Panel, Graphics Properties, something like that. Once in that interface, look for something like Setup Multiple Displays, Display Devices, or anything that looks like it will help you set up multiple displays.This week on the Savvy Psychologist, Dr.

Ellen Hendriksen reveals what the science says about moms working versus staying home. Working moms often talk about the guilt of not being around, and the pride they take in their work, their identity as a professional, and their multiple hats. Stay-at-home moms talk about feeling devalued, but are simultaneously proud of investing in their children and their contributions to their families, schools, and communities.

In terms of numbers, working moms are in the majority. In the U. At the same time, however, a growing number of moms are staying home with their kids. Turns out there is science to support all moms—working or at home.

The Benefits of Stay-at-Home Moms A study showed that children benefit academically when a parent stays home. The study crunched numbers from Norway, which has two policies Americans can only dream about: subsidized, high-quality national daycare and a one-year maternity leave.

This, of course, means that someone would have to stay home with the toddler.

A beginner's guide to port

This might be mom, dad, grandma, or a family friend. For the study, the researchers focused not on the toddler, but on his or her older school-age brothers and sisters. The researchers analyzed the 10th-grade GPA and found that kids in families that opted out of daycare did better in school.

mother, should i work in a port?

And when the researchers dug around for what caused the bump in grades, they concluded the academic improvements were driven by the subset of families where, in response to the payments, a parent overwhelmingly mom left the workforce to stay home.

The Benefits of Working Moms A study demonstrated that working seems to be better for mom. The researchers found that new moms who return to full-time work after their first baby and stay in the workforce have significantly better health at age 40 than those who work part time, move in and out of the workforce, or stay at home. Enter a new study from Harvard Business School that looked at both moms and kids—50, people across 25 countries, to be exact.

The study found that daughters of working moms stayed in school longer, were more likely to be supervisors at work, and earned more money than daughters of stay at home moms.

As for boys, the study found that grown-up sons of working moms spent more time on housework and taking care of their own kids. In sum, women who grew up with a mom who worked did better in the workplace, and men who grew up with a mom who worked contributed more at home. What's your take on working versus stay-at-home moms? Post any comments over on the Savvy Psychologist's Facebook page. Breadwinner Moms, Pew Research Center.

Home with Mom: The effects of stay-at-home parents on children's long-run educational outcomes. Discussion Papers No.

Frech, A.Most of our patients who receive chemotherapy, and some patients who receive other therapies for blood disorders, have had a port catheter or port for short placed by recommendation of their medical provider for very good reason. In comparing a port to an IV, there are advantages, disadvantages and risks to both.

Green Bay Oncology Relentless. Blog Location Appointments Careers Contact. Advantages of a port: Access to a port is into the port mechanism; not directly into the vein. This avoids puncture wounds and damage directly to the vein.

The port is generally very visible and easily felt, resulting in safer, more efficient access than an IV site. A safe, suitable IV access site can be difficult to locate for some patients. Some medications, can cause serious, sometimes permanent, tissue damage if they come in contact with the skin.

The port access site is prepared with a sterile technique; IV access is a clean technique. Ports can be removed if no longer needed. Port placement requires a surgical procedure; IV access does not. There are risks to both port and IV procedures.

These risks are very low. Filed Under: Blog. Request an Appointment. We lead the region in providing access to new cancer treatments and improved outcomes. See available clinical trials.Many modern-day motherboards provide a number of USB pin headers that allow connection to USB ports mounted on the front of the system case.

A header will generally contain 10 pins arranged in two rows of five. On some motherboards one or two pins may be marked as NCfor no contact.

These pins a redundant. On other motherboards one pin may be missing in either one or both rows. This is not a problem, since the connection between motherboard and a pair of front-mounted USB ports will generally involve the use of only eight connectors. The Wiring column indicates how the system case wiring illustrated above would be connected:. In the s, hard-disk drive capacities were limited and large drives commanded a premium price. As an alternative to costly, high-capacity … [Read More Technological developments have played a very big role in improving the cost-effectiveness of businesses.

One of the biggest cost savers is a new … [Read More Easiest Removal Option: Remote Repair: Paying an expert to remove this threat is always the easiest option.

It's also the most expensive. Recent Posts In the s, hard-disk drive capacities were limited and large drives commanded a premium price.

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