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Manuals for vehicle parts and accessories Commercial Equip. Manuals for commercial equipment Office Equip. Manuals for misc.File Size. Download Link. Hitachi RX Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi 15LD Service Manual.

schematic diagram manual hitachi ct4546 projection color tv

Hitachi 17LD Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi 20CX Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi 22LD Service Manual.

Hitachi TV User Manuals Download

Hitachi psu Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi 26LD Service Manual. Hitachi 32LD Service Manual. Hitachi 32PD Service Manual. Hitachi 37LD Service Manual.

Hitachi 50V Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi 50VS Service Manual. Hitachi 50VX Service Manual. Hitachi AP Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi CR Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi C, C Service Manual. Hitachi CS Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi CT Circuit Diagram pdf. Hitachi C Circuit Diagram pdf. Service Manual. Hitachi CF Service Manual. Hitachi CS Circuit Diagram pdf. Hitachi ch. Hitachi chassis V2-F Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi CL Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi CL;;; Circut Diagram pdf.

Hitachi CP Circut Diagram pdf. Hitachi CP Circuit Diagram pdf. A4 Circuit Diagram pdf. V1 Circuit Diagram pdf. Hitachi DP Service Manual. Hitachi PA Circuit Diagram pdf.To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so. Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service technician read and follow the "Important Safety Instructions" in this Service Manual.

For continued X-Radiation protection, replace picture tube with original type or Hitachi approved equivalent type. This Service Manual is intended for qualified service technicians; it is not meant for the casual do-it-yourselfer.

Qualified technicians have the necessary test equipment and tools, and have been trained to properly and safely repair complex products such as those covered by this manual. Improperly performed repairs can adversely affect the safety and reliability of the product and may void warranty.

If you are not qualified to perform the repair of this product properly and safely, you should not risk trying to do so and refer the repair to a qualified service technician. When servicing or handling circuit boards and other components which contain lead in solder, avoid unprotected skin contact with solder.

Also, when soldering do not inhale any smoke or fumes produced. This television receiver provides display of television closed captioning in accordance with section These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Before returning an instrument to the customer, always make a safety check of the entire instrument, including but not limited to the following items. Correctly replace all missing protective shields, including any removed for servicing convenience. Do not operate this instrument or permit it to be operated without all protective devices correctly installed and functioning.

Servicers who defeat safety features or fail to perform safety checks may be liable for any resulting damage. Be sure that there are no cabinet openings through which an adult or child might be able to insert their fingers and contact a hazardous voltage.

Place the instrument AC switch in the on position. Connect one lead of an ohmmeter to the AC plug prongs tied together and touch the other ohmmeter lead in turn to each tuner antenna input, exposed terminal screw and, if applicable, to the coaxial connector.

If the measured resistance is less than 1. Repeat this test with the instrument AC switch in the off position. Do not use an isolation transformer during this test. With the instrument AC switch first in the on position and then in the off position, measure from a known earth ground metal waterpipe, conduit, etc. Any current measured must not exceed 0. Reverse the instrument power cord plug in the outlet and repeat test.

High Voltage -- This receiver is provided with a hold down circuit for clearly indicating that voltage has increased in excess of a predetermined value.In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions.

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schematic diagram manual hitachi ct4546 projection color tv

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schematic diagram manual hitachi ct4546 projection color tv

Find My Model? Select a Product Category Consumer Business. Previous Next. Go to Support Home. Contact LG US Get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues. LG Chatbot. Contact Us. Recently Viewed.

The LG Electronics.Table of Contents. This addendum is partly due to the change in convergence adjustment from Digital Array of. The Remote Control is also changed. For this. Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service technician read the "Safety Precaution" and. Components having special safety characteristics are identified by a. Service Data and its supplements and bulletins. Before servicing the chassis, it is important that the service technician read.

Chapters Pa No. Hitachi operating guide projection color tv 50ex01b, 60ex01b 60 pages. Hitachi operating guide projection color tv 50ex20b, 60ex38b 37 pages. Page Assembled P. Page Comb Filter Operation Check 1. Adjust the vertical size Adjustment preparation according to the following table. Page Beam Form Adjustment procedure 2. After completed.

Check that focus does conspicuously worse at the edges of the circle pattern signal or cross-hatch signal. First press, ADJ. Green dots appear after completion of operation. Page Raster Position Adjsutment Adjustment procedure Note: If only minor adjustments to convergence are needed, the jig screen is not necessary.

Page 33 2.

HITACHI 43FDX10B Service Manual

Set is in Normal mode. Page Blue Defocus 2. Adjustment Preparation White raster 0. Low Light white balance ADJ. Blue defocus Adj. Sub bright Adj. Normal mode and i through 1 Digital convergence adjustment should have mode. Page 40 5. Convergence Errors.

Turn on power and receive any signal.

schematic diagram manual hitachi ct4546 projection color tv

Pull the Speaker Grille off by placing your hand behind the outside corners and pulling straight out. Do the same thing for the Right side. Now move to the back of the PTV. The back cover and the lower rear board must be removed.

Use extreme caution here, as the mirror is fragile and when the last screw is removed, the back can fall down and damage the mirror. Use additional help and allow them to hold the back cover while removing the last screw. Remove 4 screws.

Working RGB CRT projection tubes

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